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ContentTECH Summit Half-Day Workshops: April 8, 2019 1-5pm

Get ready to roll up your sleeves and immerse yourself or your team in one of our four-hour ContentTECH workshops. Each session is taught by experienced leaders in content technology, strategy and processes. These hands-on, interactive sessions will arm you with fresh ideas and actionable strategies. If you are interested in building your knowledge of content personalization, customer experience mapping, content scalability, or content management, our expert instructors are ready to guide you. You’ll also have the opportunity to share ideas and challenges with your peers.

The following workshops choices are available as part of an All-Access pass or Main Conference Plus pass:

ContentTECH Summit 2019 Workshops

Connect the Dots: What We Learned Connecting Strategy to Execution

Jenny Hooks, Head of US Digital Marketing, Cisco @jenny_hooks



Bob Meindl, Director, Content Marketing, Cisco @bobmeindl



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Many workshops attempt to talk about high level strategy while others dive deep into the details of one aspect of a subject. This session is different in that it will demonstrate the connections we found in our company as we built personalized, dynamic journeys using structured content – going from strategy to activation. Real anecdotes, real lessons learned and interactive sessions during the workshop.

Attendee takeaways:

  • Looking at data to inform strategy
  • Understanding the customer and the right level of personalization (how much is too much)
  • Connecting strategy to planning (or multiple plans)
  • Using detailed technologies and processes to identify the customer
  • Connecting an identified customer to the right content
  • Details behind orchestration across channels – making it real

Orchestrating Content for Omnichannel Customer Experience

Alan Porter, Senior Executive, Simple [A]


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It’s no longer enough to deliver one message to one audience in one place. Customers rely on continuous experiences across channels. So too, our content needs to come together across the enterprise and deliver consistent interactions to the channels customers use to engage us. Every content touchpoint is a brand experience and needs to be designed as such. This workshop discusses how the content convergence can be orchestrated, using the combined disciplines of content strategy and content engineering, to segment audiences, model content, match it with semantic tags, and ultimately increase the value of content assets leveraged across personalized delivery channels.

Building a Content Strategy – A Real Life Approach to a Marketer’s Challenge

Cathy McKnight, VP Consulting, Digital Clarity Group @cathymcknight


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Need a content strategy that covers governance, workflows, and training guidelines? Come learn about the essential content strategy elements, why governance and workflow structures are the foundational to long-term success, and how to building an executable, practical content strategy requires working across silos. Walk away with a core understanding of where your organization is, and the next steps you might take in order to build a scalable content strategy for marketing.

New Technology: How to Decide, How to Measure, How to Keep Teams Informed

Christoph Trappe, Chief Content Engagement Director, Stamats Business Media


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It’s a fulltime job to keep up on the latest technology, tools and processes. Should we use augmented reality? Try the latest “world-leading” web to print solutions? Or print to web?

This session will share how to decide, try things quickly and keep going.

Attendee Takeaways:

  • How to decide what to use next.
  • How to measure success quickly.
  • How to keep teams informed of quick changes.

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