ContentTECH Summit Exhibitor Highlight: Canto – Digital Asset Management

One of the best opportunities at a conference and expo is having access to many technology solutions in one place, with team members from each exhibitor ready to spend time with attendees to answer questions and provide hands-on demos. Nothing beats time face-to-face, especially when discussing technology challenges and opportunities.

As we prepare for ContentTECH Summit, we asked our sponsors and exhibitors to share a little about what we’ll see – and who you’ll meet – when you join us in San Diego from April 8-10, 2019 in San Diego.

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Who will attendees meet at the Canto booth?

Ellen Free, Account Executive

Beau Nichols, Sales Development Representative

Basel Aldabyani, DAM Advisor

How can ContentTECH Summit attendees schedule an on-site meeting with the Canto team?

Schedule directly with the Canto team for a call before ContentTECH Summit, or to schedule a meeting on-site at the event.

What problem can Canto solve for our ContentTECH customers?

Canto empowers teams to spend more time doing the work they love. With our elegant, intuitive digital asset management platform, marketing and creative teams can create content faster with less friction and ensure colleagues across the organization have access to the right assets on-demand, every time.

Why is the Canto team looking forward to ContentTECH Summit?

We are looking forward to connecting with content marketing professionals who are moving today’s top brands forward. We’re always interested to learn how teams are storing their images and videos today – and share with them the transformative power of DAM (digital asset management) from Canto.

See a recent piece of content from the Canto team:

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Anything else you’d like to share with ContentTECH Summit attendees in preparation for our upcoming conference?
Canto receives consistent praise from customers and analysts for its simplicity, ease of use and frictionless user adoption. Canto has 4.5 star (out of 5) ratings on Trustpilot, G2 Crowd and Gartner Capterra based on hundreds of independent reviews.

Thank you, Canto! We are looking forward to a great time in April with your team. Thanks for being part of our conference – you’re adding so much value for our attendees.

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